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Sunday's Obituary: James Lawson Zeigler

Judge James Lawson Zeigler
Photo taken in early 1900s.

The following is a verbatim copy of the newspaper obituary I have that was written about James Lawson Zeigler, my great-great grandfather. I have kept the punctuation and other grammar as it appeared. It’s dated Jan 15, 1920, and appeared in the “Hoxie Sentinel,” the local newspaper for Hoxie, Sheridan Co., KS. For many years I believed that he was born in Columbus, Ohio because of the information given in this obituary. However, I’ve since found out that he was born in Columbiana County, Ohio. Just goes to show that you really have to double check all sources!

Last Thursday, Judge Zeigler as he was familiarly known, stepped out beyond the border land of this life and peacefully joined that "innumerable caravan which moves to that mysterious realm" which we call death and he approached it "like one who wraps the drapery of his couch about him and lies down to pleasant dreams." He has finished his earthly mission and has left many interesting chapters in the book of life. He was a man of exceptional talents and more than the ordinary brain. Even with the meager school advantages offered in his day he became a successful school teacher and always carried a high grade certificate. While serving this county in an official capacity he left some splendid records which will long remain as a fitting testimonial of his scholarship and efficiency. 
In the years before his affliction he was active in the affairs of the community, always jolly and full of vim and energy, shedding a radiant halo of hopefulness and good feeling around all his associates which they will not soon forget. Peace be to his soul.

James L. Zeigler was born in Colombus, Ohio, March 15, 1840 and died at his home in this city, Thursday, January 8, aged 79 years, 9 months and 24 days.

When three years of age he moved with his parents to Adair County, Missouri, where he grew to man’s estate. In 1860 he was married to Miss Margaret Turner, and to this union nine children were born, five of whom survive him, M. C., of this city; E. B., Cabinet, Idaho; J. W., Peace Valley, Canada; Mrs. Lavina Swisher, Green Castle, Missouri and Mrs. Elizabeth Sanford, Helena, Arkansas. Besides the children he is survived by four brothers, one sister, twenty-two grandchildren and thirty-two great grand-children.
In 1885 he came to Sheridan county where he took up a homestead and endured all the hardships of the life of a pioneer always playing a leading role in the life of his community.

He was honored several times with public office and was acting as probate judge at the time when he was stricken with paralysis, some years ago.

He was a soldier in the Civil War being a member of the 27th Missouri Infantry. 

Funeral services were held here at the home of his son, M.C. Zeigler, Friday. In charge of services was Rev. Adolph Haberly, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, and interment was made in the Hoxie Cemetery.


I also have a copy of the following note that appeared in the “Hoxie Sentinel,” but the date was not included in the clipping.
We wish to thank all your neighbors and friends for their help and sympathy in our late bereavement:
  •  Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Zeigler
  • Mr. Arthur Brown
  • Miss Wilma Brown
  • Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Andregg
I am descended from Judge Zeigler through his daughter Elizabeth Zeigler Sanford, who was my great grandmother. My Mother, who was only one year and five days old when he died, was one of his "thirty-two great-grandchildren." I'm very proud to have such a talented, hard-working and seemingly beloved gentleman as my ancestor.
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