Sunday, January 27, 2013

Super Sunday! Lineage Society Update...

DAR Marker for Charles Lee Dibrell
(Located at Beulah Cemetery in Union City, Obion Co., TN)
I just got word this morning that I have finally been accepted into the last of the four lineage societies that I applied for in 2012.  I am now a proud member of The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the National Huguenot Society, the Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia, and the National Society United States Daughters of 1812.

I first wrote about some of those applications in my Society Saturday post back in June. At that time I had just been accepted into the Manakin Huguenot Society group and had my application turned in for the DAR.  Who knew how long that process would take?  Although the application should have been a 'slam dunk,' I ended up having to write a letter describing the reasons for the discrepancies on my Grandfather's death certificate. I recorded that frustration in my Freaky Friday! post later that same week.

Interestingly (and luckily) enough, I was able to use the same ancestral line for all four of those organizations.  Dr. Christophe (Christoffe/Christopher) DuBreuil was born in Lagny (now Lagny-sur-Marne), France sometime around 1680.  Because of his Protestant beliefs, he and his wife, Marianne Dutoi, had to quickly leave France, fleeing the Catholic Church's persecution of Protestants at that time.  They settled in a colony along the James River in Virginia that was named after a local group of natives who had lived in the area.  (See photo of the Historical Marker on this page.)

According to Henry H. Barroll on page 4 of his manuscript entitled Dibrell Genealogy (Washington, D.C., 1915) the birth of their son, Jean Antoine DuBreuil, was entered into the registry of the Manakin church on May 15, 1728:
“Jean Antoine DuBreuil was born, son of Christoffe DuBreuil and of Marianne, his wife.”

Jean would eventually change his name to Anthony Dibrell and married Elizabeth "Betsy" Lee, who was born in Virginia in 1736.  Betsy was the great granddaughter of Richard and Anne Constable Lee, the progenitors of the Lee Family of Virginia.

My descent from Dr. Chrisophe DuBreuil and his son Jean Antoine allowed me to qualify for membership in the two Huguenot societies.  However, it was Anthony and Betsy Dibrell's son, Charles Lee Dibrell, who guaranteed my acceptance into both the Daughters of the American Revolution and the U.S. Daughters of 1812.  Born in 1757 in Buckingham County, Virginia, Charles served under Lafayette and was at Yorktown for the famous surrender in 1781. On page 9 of Barroll's manuscript, the military prowess of Charles (which began as a Minute-Man in 1775) was described in full.

After the Revolution, Charles accepted a land grant in Wayne County, Kentucky and continued his military expertise by serving as Captain of the Kentucky troops in the Harmer Expedition of 1790. It was his service in the Revolution and in the Kentucky militia in the 1790s that made me eligible for membership in both the DAR and the Daughters of 1812, which recognizes military service from 1784 to 1815.

I'm very proud of (and extremely thankful for) my heritage from such a noble line.

Historical Marker for the Huguenot Settlement at Manakin.
(Photo found on the website for the Virginia Department of Historic Resources)

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  1. Submitted my application to DAR in December; still no word.

    1. It takes a while...believe me! I think it was close to 3 months or something. It depends upon when their next sesion is. Your Chapter Registrar should have some word before the 'official' ruling comes down. She will also know when they meet next, so be sure to ask her. Good luck to you!

  2. GeneaDiva, You should receive a reply after the Board of Management meeting in early February.

    Carla, Congratulations! I enjoyed reading about your heritage. Proud to be a DAR member with you. Plan to work on my War of 1812 application next.

    1. Thank you,Wanda! I appreciate it. Olivia will be a huge help with the 1812 group.

      Also, I was thinking that I needed your knowledge of when the DAR Board meets when I answered GeneaDiva! I, of course, had no clue. LOL

  3. Hi Carla: I am wondering how to reach you, as I do not have a blog. Am trying this as anonymous. Searching family records for Dibrell lineage. I, Antoinette Dibrell, my father James Anthony Dibrell, straight back to Dr. Christoffe Du Breuil. Thank you for any assistance, insight. Antoinette

    1. You can email me at I look forward to hearing from you. :) I may be a tad slow to respond, but I will definitely get back to you. Good to know a new 'cousin.'