Monday, April 30, 2012


Ever since I started this blog, I’ve wrestled with the fact that I am a major non-technical person.  I truly want to be, but as you can see from this page, I haven’t even been able to change the blog background to something more personal or subject-oriented, and I haven’t ever done my ‘links’ correctly.  So, I guess that makes me a ‘techer’ and not a ‘techie.’ 
Oh, now, now…I can hear all of you saying that there is no such word as ‘techer.’ But I assure you that’s what I am.  A techer is someone who follows the world of technology, loves it, but is not quite a part of it.  At least that’s what we should be called – I’m pretty sure that I just made that word up.  A techie, of course, is someone who completely understands the vast world of technology, can easily make use of it, and truly belongs there.
I use the word ‘techer’ in honor of the fact that I am and always have been a major Star Trek ‘Trekker’ – and most certainly not a ‘Trekkie!’  Yes, there is a difference.  A Trekker (like me) loves the show, including all of its various franchise series: the original, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise.  I loyally watched and enjoyed every episode of every series.  Because I love Star Trek, I’m a Trekker.  However, I would not now (nor ever would have) actually put on a Star Trek costume or participate in one of those major fan gatherings where they act as if they really live in the Star Trek Universe.  Those people are true Trekkies.  Like ‘techies,’ they are (or in this instance, think they are) part of the Star Trek world.  I’ve always felt that Trekkers were the ones who, like me, just loved the series with their wonderful stories and characters, and that was all the involvement that was needed.
Many people will disagree with this analogy.  I’ve heard it said that both words can be used to describe the Star Trek ‘nuts.’  I totally disagree with that assessment.  I’m a Trekker and not a Trekkie.  No question.  That’s why I’m calling myself a techer.  I love technology, want to learn more, but I’m truly not yet a well-educated part of the technological world.
Now what, pray tell, does any of this have to do with genealogy?  Everything!  In this day and age, a true grasp of technology is necessary to accomplish adequate research and retrieval of genealogical facts.  I’ve actually been ‘not quite bad’ at that part.  It’s just when I’ve tried to relate my findings in venues like this blog, or on social media such as Twitter, that I’ve had some difficulties – to say the least. 
In reality, I surprised myself when I was able to put in a personalized background photo on Twitter for my ‘home page.’ Nonetheless, if you were to ask me how I did it, I would never be able to tell you. I even put a link to my Twitter account on here, but I wasn’t able to figure out how to get that cute little bird to click on.  Evidently, I did that one incorrectly. I should be happy that at least there’s a link to my Twitter account, but I want that bird!
I have a number of things that I’d like to display on this blog site.  I was able to get my GeneaBloggers symbol on the page, but I’m a member of the International Society of Family History Writers and Editors (ISFHWE) and would love to have that symbol on here as well.  Also, I’d like to proudly show the symbol for the Tennessee Genealogical Society, a group to which I also belong.  I need to get busy and become more adept at this technology stuff.  I will have to admit that I’ve been hesitant to put too many posts on here until I’ve learned more and can be more proud of the way my site looks. 
I will never be a Trekkie, but I do so hope that one day I will be a techie.  When I come closer to that goal, you’ll see a fabulous new background on this blog, and you’ll see all of the symbols and tags, etc. that I’ve described above displayed with pride on this ‘sassy site!’
Until then – live long and prosper!

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