Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Thoughts on a Genealogy Blog!

I am sitting in a class learning how to blog! Since the subject of my new blog is genealogy, I thought it would be great to start out with a link to some books on the subject.

I found some great books about genealogy at ttp://

Also, here is a youtube video on genealogy:


  1. Thanks, Carla for the google tool bar tip. I am just learning all of this stuff, even though I have years of experience as an accountant, this is a lot different than a spreadsheet. I spent the entire morning just trying to post a comment on your blog, but I finally succeeded. I love reading about your family, hope I can learn more from your posts. You are certainly an inspiring!

    1. Well, you are truly 'learning' from a novice! I still don't understand certain things, and I'm extremely jealous of all of those who have those wonderful blogs full of neat side bars and photos. What I do is truly minimal.

      There are a number of 'blogspot how-to' videos online that should be of some help. I KNOW you'll do fine. If I can do it, anyone can! Can't wait to see you up and running. :)

      Glad you're enjoying my blog. Be sure to look at the few posts I put on the "Sassy Just Writes" blog. My last couple of posts explain more about my writing.

      Thanks for being a 'follower!' :)

  2. Just spent 30 minutes writing a post and hit the undo key thinking it would go back one keystroke and wiped out the entire post, so I will send you email.

    1. Oh, I hate to hear that. I usually write my blog on my Word program, save it on my computer, and then copy it into the blog.

      I've been out of town all day and just now saw this. I hope you've worked it out by now. Don't let it get you down....I've lost enough things over the years myself. It's VERY depressing.

      Let me know how things went.

    2. I'm having trouble cutting & pasting because I'm using my iPad, but I am going to keep trying. I found your tree on Ancestry and the best I can tell, there is not a connection with our Love lines.
      There are several different versions of your tree out there on Ancestry, especially after Charles Jones Love, Sr. It is so confusing because so many people just copy what other people put down and don't bother to check out the facts. I ran out of time the other day when I tried to explain the details of what I found, but I am working on sending you something by email. I have been really busy with some family matters but I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. Don't give up on me, I really enjoy reading your posts. I just wish I could spell and write better. My communication skills are not so good, but please bear with me and I will eventually get there!

    3. I actually thought about that the other day & realized that I should have said BE CAREFUL when you copy and paste. I've learned to copy only small portions at a time. That might help you, although I'm not sure about whether or not it will help with an iPod.

      As to the LOVE line, yes there are a number of variations of my same line. That always happens. I do my best to include proofs, but I've learned never to say that I'm SURE about anything! LOL

      Looking forward to hearing more from you. And don't worry, I never give up on anyone. :) Take your time. This should all be fun and not a chore. ENJOY!!!